Saturday, January 31, 2009


The pioneer in the manufacture of Surge Arresters, which are the primary protective devices to make the electrical equipment immune to different types of over voltages and spikes either atmospheric or switching. Established in 1970 OBLUM has started the manufacture of Conventional Silicon Carbide Arresters followed by Current Limiting Gapped Arresters during 1970, and thereon entered into the manufacture of Solid State Metal Oxide Surge Arresters during 1980. OBLUM is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited company certified by M/s.Det Norske Veritas, The Netherlands.

Metallic Oxides
Zinc Oxide Discs
Surge Arresters Porcelain Housed
Surge Arresters Polymer Housed
Tubular Porcelain For Apparatus Housings
Arrester Disconnectors
Surge Counter with Leakage Current Indicator

OBLUM with the maximum backward integration and automated manufacturing and testing facilities are one of the largest among the leading companies for design, manufacture and supply of Distribution & Intermediate Class Arresters for ratings upto 36KV and Station Class Arresters for ratings upto 390KV for 400KV system.OBLUM Surge Arresters are tested successfully at CPRI-Bangalore-India, CPRI-Hyderabad-India and CPRI-Bhopal-India who have NABL accreditation

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